Fon Memo

Here it is the last thing I wasted my time in: A Fon memorandum to help them build a better network.
Yeah, I also think that I waste a lot of time with different things, but I just felt that to present all my thoughts about Fon would help them a LOT to develop their WiFi network.

RaycoHM Fon Memo from Rayco on Vimeo.

Update: They answered:
""""Hi Ray,
Thank you very much for your memo, I found it very interesting. Mesh is something that we have been debating about and certainly something for the future of FON, when there is better density of points.

Thanks again for your insight and good work.

Best Regards,

Diego Cabezudo
It is always nice to know that someone inside has viewed it. I hope it will be useful, at least in the brainstorming of the Next FON.


Guy Kawasaki quote

Great conference from Guy Kawasaki back in 2006 about entrepreneurship, but today I just want to point out something about the Killer gene in men, it is just brilliant.

[Minute 16:16]
Ask woman about your business model.
I believe you should not waste your time asking men about business models and business ideas.
I believe this is because mens have a fundamental genetic flaw, We all have the killer gene. Men want to kill things...
we want to kill plants,
we want to kill animals,
we want to kill other companies and products.
To a large degree this killer gene has been suppress by society
One place is hasn't been suppressed is entrepreneurship. It is sociable acceptable to want to kill a competition.
Thus when you ask a men should I start a company to kill Oracle, to kill Google, to kill Microsoft,
all men always say: YEEEES!!!! that's a great idea

Women do not have this fundamental genetic flaw.
So when you came up with an idea for business model ask women. Do not waste your time asking men. """


Copy Paste ends up as ŸŸ (Ubuntu+VirtualBox)

When I start using Virtualbox for a while I always have problems with copy and paste. All pasted text ends up as: ŸŸ. I can still c/p in the Windows XP inside the Virtualbox.
I was using VirtualBoX 1.5.2 but the guest additions of my virtual machine were 1.5.0.
I reinstalled the guest additions from the 1.5.2 image and the problem was solved.