NoC simulator

Many of you know that my thesis was about network on chip (NoC). What you wouldn't know is that the thesis was focused on a long term NoC simulation solution instead of the typical small and inflexible simulator written for just a study. As co-project manager I decided that modularity and flexibility were important goals. Therefore, to accomplish these goals the design was based on C++ object oriented code, strong use of STL and scripting; all on a Linux environment. NoC is maybe one of the biggest changes in the next generation of integrated circuits. It is both as difficult as interesting because it involves networking field inside communications on chip, where things are much more complicated.
Lately, I have been writing some posts to summarize my thesis work, so you are able to take a look to the articles at my NoC blog.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need my NoC simulator code or more info about it.

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