Tie Race

I just want to sum yesterday primaries polling numbers.

Update: Clinton won the primaries by 15564 votes of a total of 14.8 millions votes.

And these were the primaries, in the caucus Obama built a clear victory(by 35811 state delegates):

Taking a look to the number of registered voters of these Caucus:
Alaska(477,040; 68% independent-democratic),Idaho(693,965; No registration by party),Kansas(1,646,599; 53% independent-democratic), North Dakota(495,411 estimated eligible voters) is easy to estimate that Obama won the popular vote in Tuesday 5, 2008.

I am impressed to see how Obama is so close in California. 50% of California electorate voted in January, where Clinton was leading because she was the inevitable candidate: The people didn't know Obama at that time, as in Florida or Michigan where no campaign was done.
Clinton only won 52% California. I would like to know the results of the people that went yesterday to vote in California, because I believe Obama outperformed Clinton there.
We will need to wait to know the delegates numbers, because in primaries votes are only the first step, the CNN estimation of the total number of delegates until now is:

Hillary Clinton
Pledged: 625

Barack Obama
Pledged: 624

1 delegate.
Tie race. But something is clear: Obama is going up, Clinton and the old-politics are going down.

PS:I just do not count the super-delegates because they vote in the convention, so I don't buy NYT polls on that. Or at least until all the super-delegates are taken into account a few days before the convention.

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