Why is Roaming so expensive!!!!

Why is roaming so expensive?
-Mobile companies need to create agreements with 200 foreign mobile operators(24 in Europe).
-These agreements are usually long-term agreements.
-Long term agreements promotes outdated prices.
-Difficult for companies to do the billing due to currency changes, cheating, etc.
-Roaming seen as an extra service, not as a market to compete for.
-No competency.

Today we -just young international engineers- launch an initial idea, in the BBVA Open Talent contest, and we need votes from people interested in the project.
We want to reduce the crazy roaming prices that we pay today in Europe.
Notice that we are not a company but a movement, and I think international people are the best who can understand our complains with Roaming prices.

We need to solve all the root problems mentioned before.
The billing should not be a problem inside Europe because we have common currency and agreements in taxes and trade.

What happens with other problems?
We will create Roaming Market as an interface between local mobile operators and operators that do roaming.
Is there any need to do 200 agreements that get renewed only once per 2 or 3 years? NO, with Roaming Market.

How does RoamingMarket work?
-Smart analysis of user roaming needs.
-Classification of clients in groups (original operator requirements, payments procedures, client needs, etc).
-Classification/Verification of services offered by local operators.
-Auction of groups of clients that come from different operators.

Example of situations where all parties win:
1-Roaming client who only needs data connectivity.
Today roaming price is 0.60€ per 100KB.
By grouping 10000 connections that used 500GB/day you can get prices of 0.50€ per 50MB.
2-Low cost prepaid roaming:
Local number plus low cost local calls.
In this situation many virtual operators can provide roaming so price goes down.
3-Classical roaming clients:
RoamingMarket groups users by analyzing their communication behavior, and then selects local operators that adjust better to that behavior. (e.g. when most of the calls are to the country where the user is roaming, or when most of the calls are to the country of origin, or when there is a lot of use of mobile Internet)
Economies of scale: Strong position in auctions by grouping tons of buyers.
Dynamic: RoamingMarket updates everyday. Thus, it can find opportunities in the day-to-day management of mobile networks. i.e.: T-Mobile could detect a low activity in their base stations in an unpopulated region in the North of The Netherlands so they could offer better prices to users when they connect to those base stations to increase activity.

But why we need something like roaming market?
Because it is better to group as many buyers as possible in order to have a strong position with local operators in the auctions.
Because Roaming Market is transparent and takes a tiny part of the discount.
Because we have a vision of a Europe where borders do not matter in the mobile bill.
Because we have a vision about the next generation of electronic devices (not just mobile phones) that will connect to internet without you caring about prices. And Europe is doing little work to have a clear and dynamic market in this area.
Because we really want to end with the crazy roaming prices we have in Europe.

Once is up to speed the next goal will be to push forward 'StopRoamingAbuse.ORG' that will:
-Promote policy analysis studies by top independent universities/thinktanks in the area of roaming in Europe that could eventually be used by the EU comission.
-Promote research that would allow a better roaming in the next generation of heterogenous networks.

Still, most important thing for us is that you get involved in the project and give feedback so if you do not like something in the project let us know!,

if you have a question please let us know, we already have a FAQ with common questions ,

or if you like something in the project help us by promoting our initiative!!!

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