Radical consumerization in Semiconductors?

Reading this great post by Ann Newman “IT consumerization: Nightmare or golden opportunity?”

One could extract that due to virtualization and others there is a trend to real consumerization in the corporate environment as CIOs are buying into it this time. Consumerization trend is here since the 80s, but now one could even assume the trend could be quite radical.

Almost 50% of semiconductor markets in 2005 were still on Corporate or government (Brown, et al., 2009 p. 78) which means consumerization can have a significant impact on semiconductor’s sales.

Consumerization tends to greatly damage price and margins of companies positioned early on the supply chain (Dedrick, et al., 2009), with the exception of some extremely differentiated parties –e.g. Intel, Broadcom.

If as assumed radical consumerization takes place, get ready just for another semiconductor crisis…

….Hope we can manage to stop consumerization's impact on semiconductors. Just for the sake of not killing great technologies being developed by those great semiconductor companies which are not on the power-position Intel is.

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Ann Newman . IT consumerization: Nightmare or golden opportunity?

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